Will Cellulite Get Worse when you Lose Weight

July 6, 2014

When the word cellulite is mentioned women show hatred reaction towards that word. Cellulite is a skin disease that will leave a dimpled mark on specific parts of the skin. The body parts that are affected by this skin condition are the bottoms, thighs, stomach and the arm. For many years, suggestion has been made concerning losing weight being the best method of getting rid of cellulite. But there is the latest research that proves that losing weight can increase the advancement of cellulite on the skin.

Doctors have given the women an advice of eating proper diet and drinking a lot of water to help them reduce the appearance of cellulite. But there is a research that reveals that losing weight can even lead to an increase in the cellulite on the skin in some individual despite the fact that it can be very effective in most of the people who have cellulite. Click Here to see our best method for getting rid of cellulite

29 women participated in a weight loss program in a study to reveal the relationship between cellulite and weight loss. The study had medication, liquid diet, low fat meals, and surgery such as bypass and gastric banding. The out comes of the study were recorded in the Plastic Reconstruction Surgery Medical journal.

cellulite-worse-ageAt the end of the study, 17 of the women who participated experienced some changes in their cellulite appearance. 9 participants however had their cellulite appearance become worse. Those that got the best results are those who reduced their fats contents in the thigh and lost their weight. These women had a very huge body and their cellulite was worse than any others. The women who cellulite became even worse had a relatively lower body size, they didn’t experience any change in their fat percentage and they reduced just a little amount of fat in the body. The women whose cellulite increased had looser skin after weight loss; this revealed that elasticity of the body is an important factor in cellulite reduction. One of the researcher also concluded that the woman who were overweight were able to reduce their weight and eventually see an improvement in their cellulite appearance.

From this research it was concluded that weight loss has some relationship effects on the appearance of the cellulite. This research needs some extra workings to find out more about the relation and effect of weight loss on the appearance of the cellulite on the skin.

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