Why Does Cellulite Look Worse In The Sunlight?

May 12, 2014

During the long winter months jeans and tights can be great assets in covering up that cottage cheese look on the back of the thighs. Once the warmer weather hits, most of us want to get back into the shorts, tank tops and summer dresses. Showing off a healthy firm body without visual cellulite problems is important to millions of women.

The sun does tend to highlight the cellulite problems because it creates a dimpling effect which can cast shadows on the problem areas. The thought of getting into a bikini or swimsuit is horrifying for women who have cellulite problems. So what’s the answer?

Sure you can run out and buy a fifty dollar cream from over the counter. You know those creams that promise to cure your entire ‘Orange Peel’ look. The fact is there is no quick fix or miracle cream that will work, without you willing to do some hard work too. Having the right mind set and adding in physical training to change what is happening to your body are positive moves.

First thing you need to is change is your diet.

Stop consuming things like fries, butter, margarine and high amounts of sugar. You are actually feeding your cellulite problems. Reduce your caffeine intake, instead of three cups of coffee a day try one or two.

Eat meats that are low in fat and increase your consumption of leafy green vegetables which are full of antioxidants. Add more citrus fruits and vegetables into your diet. Drink plenty of water and help your system detoxify.

Create your own exercise program or sign-up for a gym membership.

celebrity-cellulite-beachWhen you exercise you burn fat and increase muscle mass. You are also burning fat for hours after the exercise has concluded. Exercise increases your energy levels and even helps with self esteem problems.

When you feel better about yourself, you are less likely to stress over cellulite problems. Being out in the sun will not be an issue when you are feeling healthy and have a well toned body.

Sunlight really isn’t the cause of how cellulite looks, however a poor diet, lack of exercise and dehydration can be. If you want the cellulite gone then change how you look and feel about your appearance.

Learn how to permanently get rid of your cellulite naturally in under a month.

Get out in the sunshine and enjoy your life, it’s very good for your body and mental health!


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