Why Do I Have Cellulite When I’m Slim?

May 13, 2014

Why do some women suffer from cellulite and others do not? You may already have a slim body frame with cellulite problems. Trying to figure out why you have cellulite and other women do not can be hard to deal with. The fact is cellulite can be a hereditary problem, so if your mother had cellulite, the chances are you may have it at some point in your life.

Of course there are other factors to consider as well like age, hormones, diet and exercise which can also play a role in the development of cellulite. The statistics say that ninety percent of women will suffer from cellulite as they age. This occurs as collagen and connective tissues break down throughout the senior years. Loss of collagen will decrease the elasticity in your skin which eventually allows the fat deposits to push to the surface. There is very little that you can do to avoid cellulite as you age, as it’s a natural part of getting older.

Women who tend to carry more weight in the thigh, buttock and stomach areas may experience more cellulite deposits on their bodies.

tara-reids-thin-skinny-celluliteCellulite problems can occur through hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. So many changes happen to the body during these nine months that cellulite pockets can build up around the thighs and buttocks. Hormonal treatments and contraceptives can also contribute to increased cellulite levels. Treatments like these can fool the body into thinking it is pregnant and the body reacts accordingly.

There are quite a few creams and lotions on the market which claim to be effective in reducing cellulite. Over the counter products may initially work but eventually the effects wear off and the cellulite problems still remain. So how does a person finally resolve their problems with cellulite?

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with walking and healthy muscle building exercises. Foods like berries, broccoli and kale are known to help fight cellulite. Even if you are a slim person, eating too many fatty foods will ensure the continual growth of cellulite. Cut down on butter and margarines and finding alternative healthy oils to use in cooking in fighting cellulite problems.

When you exercise four times a week your body naturally builds up muscle. Exercise also burns excess calories and shrinks the fat cells. Toned muscles look attractive and naturally tighten the skin. Regular exercise will also increase your energy levels. Practicing effective steps like these will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t want to look good? If you are really enthusiastic about losing the cellulite, then you have to make time to exercise and eat better. Over time you will see great results. Stay positive you can beat it!

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