What is Mesotherapy?

August 9, 2014

Mesotherapy involves injecting the skin with microscopic amounts of natural extracts which are often homeopathic agents also certain vitamins can be used. Mesotherapy is used to: Eliminate cellulite Promote weight loss Treat aging and sagging skin Rejuvenate the hands and neck Why might I decide to choose Mesotherapy over liposuction? 1: Liposuction does not treat cellulite and often makes cellulite look more obvious. 2: Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly for smoother skin and fat reduction.

Is Mesotherapy an Effective Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite usually begins to appear between ages 25 and 35, Cellulite progressively worsens over time, but Mesotherapy can eliminate cellulite on the legs and buttocks. Mesotherapy breaks down the characteristic ‘orange-peel’ look, producing a much smoother skin contour in 10-25 sessions. When performed by a well-trained physician, Mesotherapy is completely safe. No deaths have ever been reported due to mesotherapy in its 50 year history, compared to liposuction, which reports approximately 100 deaths each year. Which cosmetic conditions can Mesotherapy treat? Although Mesotherapy can treat a variety of injuries, illnesses and cosmetic conditions like acne, stretch marks and wrinkles, mesotherapy is most often used to reduce and contour fat and to beat cellulite.

How does Mesotherapy work to reduce cellulite and fat?

Mesotherapy works to:

Break up fat repair any impaired circulation Help to Break down damaged connective tissue to smooth the skin’s surface.

How soon will I see results from Mesotherapy treatments?

what-is-cellulite-info-diagramEach person is different and unique. Generally speaking, however, you’ll notice visible improvement after two or three sessions. Some patients see marked results after just one first session. How long will the results of my Mesotherapy treatments last? When combined with exercise and proper nutrition, the results of your Mesotherapy treatments will last, but aging will counteract the benefits, so regular maintenance treatments are recommended. How much does Mesotherapy treatment cost? Costs vary by physician, geographical location, number of sessions and other unique factors related to your cellulite reduction goals. Your mesotherapist will help you understand the costs of your treatment plan.

Who Provides Mesotherapy?

Be sure you have chosen an accredited Mesotherapist. As the popularity of Mesotherapy grows, some practitioners have rushed to receive training that is unfortunately inadequate for those patients who wish to achieve optimal results. Select only a highly qualified and trained Mesotherapist with ACCME Approved Continuing Medical Education Credits (CME’s). Be sure to ask your Mesotherapist for a list of the medications that will be used during your treatment, and ask for proof of proper training before allowing ‘anyone’ to perform your Mesotherapy.

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