What is Cellulite?

July 1, 2014

The term cellulite is used for the fat deposits that get accumulated on parts of the body like thighs, abdomen and buttocks. These dimpling like patches are formed due to irregular concentration of fat in these areas. The excess deposits of fat tend to bulge out from the underlying tissue connecting fibers and skin appears wrinkled or puckered. These patches are identified by their unique orange peels.

Cellulites should not be mistaken with obesity; many women who are underweight also form cellulite. There are 3 prominent fat layers under our skin. The two lower layers act as power houses and store energy while the top most subcutaneous layer has fatty divisions and chambers that are spread structurally with the help of strands of tissues linking each other. This layer tends to develop cellulite when irregular excess fat is deposited over it.

You can test yourself to find out if you have cellulite by simply pinching the skin of your upper thigh. If you feel the lumpy cottage cheese like substance instead of tissue, then you probably may have developed cellulite already. But there is actually no need for you as such to fret, as cellulite does not pose any serious health risk except that it looks ugly and awful. But you must realize that as high as 90 percent of women develop this kind of cellulite under their skin at some point of time in their lives and the best ways to prevent it’s appearance can be best ways to prevent it’s appearance can be seen here


Regular hormonal changes that keep happening in women are found to be the major cause for cellulite formation. Women’s body goes through series of hormonal shifts at every stage of their life from puberty to pregnancy to menopause. Even the pills that they consume to stop pregnancy also cause hormonal imbalances in the body. Hormones basically regulate the fat management, flow of blood and lymphatic drainage. The complex physiological and metabolic changes occurring in subcutaneous fat layers cause cellulite formation under the skin.

With age, all women suffer with loss in the strength, tone and thickness of the connecting tissues of the fat layer and outer dermis which invariably results in flaccid cellulite formation between fibers. Even women who follow strict diet and do regular exercises also suffer with this skin condition. But cellulite gets easily aggravated among women who do not maintain balanced diet and follow very unhealthy life styles.

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