What Cellulite Creams really Work?

August 20, 2014

Cellulite is a common problem among many which is caused by genes, hormones and diet. There are quite a number of creams on the market which can be used for decreasing the  appearance of cellulite. Interestingly, creams that remove cellulite often use ingredients such as caffeine to assist in minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

That dimply and orange-peel like appearance on the skin is what is referred to as cellulite. Cellulite appears on the arms, stomach, backside and legs. Medicalnewstoday.com has described cellulite as the term used in describing the dimpled look of skin which is a result of fat deposits that occur below the skin’s surface.


Cellulite has quite a number of causes. The factors which cause cellulite include lack of exercise, hormones, genetics and dieting. Having a lot of salt and fats in the diet is a common cause of cellulite appearing. Genetics also cause cellulite. If you are born of a mother who had cellulite then the chances are high that you will also get the cellulite. Hormones such as those found during pregnancy can also result to the appearance of cellulite. When you don’t exercise and you are eating a poor diet then you are also at risk of getting cellulite.


nivea-cellulite-creamGood-bye Cellulite is a cream gel created by Nivea and which it claims will result in visible reduction in cellulite appearance at the affected body parts. One key ingredient that is found in the Nivea cream product is 1-carnitine. 1-carnitine is known to readily available in the skin. It is tied to the conversion of fat to energy. For $12.99 you can get a 6.7 oz. tube at most drug stores.


Another good anti-cellulite cream is Shiseido Body Creator which is manufactured by Shiseido, a well known skin care company. It is able to fight cellulite using ingredients such as caffeine. The product has been dermatologist tested having a cooling effect following product application. Shiseido Body Creator retails at about $65. It is thus more expensive than cellulite products like Good-bye Cellulite by Nivea.


Murad is an award-winning company selling skin care products. Murad has manufactured a cream for firming the body which the company claims to firm the skin up to 40% within 15 minutes. The cream which firms the body uses oat beta glucan and soy flour to firm areas with problems like cellulite prone thighs and legs. It also contains shea butter in the ingredient mix. This is an ingredient for moisturizing. $43 will get you a tube 6.7 oz.

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