What are the Major Causes of Cellulite?

August 18, 2014

The marks that cellulite leaves on the body should be considered to be normal just like any other. The appearance of cellulite on the body is in respect to age, fat distribution, sex, thickness of the skin and genetics. Cellulite is more common to women than in men but this doesn’t mean that men are not victims of cellulite as they can have cellulite. Cellulite occurs to all human being around the world regardless of race. Despite the fact that women hormones are actively involved in the formation of cellulite, it cannot be cured by hormone therapy.

Since cellulite is more common in women than in men, women have different structure of connective tissues than men who most of them don’t have cellulite. It is known that people who have cellulite have this different structured pattern of connective tissues than those who don’t have cellulite. Cellulite is not caused by an increase in body weight as perceived by many people but it is as result of the genetic variations in the means of which fatty and connective tissues develop. It affects people whether they have excess weight or they are thin and skinny. There are no biochemical variations in behavior between cellulite and other fats; cellulite doesn’t bring any health complications.

what-is-celluliteMost people hate the look of cellulite and wish to have a smooth skin as possible. Therefore many people have written a lot about cellulite and many different treatments have been suggested.

Causes and treatment of Cellulite

Treatment of the skin cannot remove cellulite from the skin; it will only eliminate the swellings and help minimize weakening of the tissue.

Other potions to get rid of cellulite

Massage- cellulite has been believed to be eliminated by deep tissue massage. This is because people claim that the force applied on the skin during massage is able to compress cellulite.

The truth is that massage temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite on the skin. The fats are just spread in a manner that bumps and dimples cannot be seen. However the fatty cells that develop cellulite are still present.

A lifestyle change and a regular intake of a well balanced diet are needed to improve a steady look of the cellulite rather than massage which makes the skin smooth temporarily.

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