What are the Causes of Celulite

July 2, 2014

Almost every woman suffers with cellulite at some stages of life. Cellulites are the lumpy dimpling like patches found generally on thighs, abdomen and buttocks. These patches are actually fatty deposits formed under the skin in the subcutaneous fat layer. In most of the cases eating unhealthy foods and following an inactive lifestyle are the two major causes for cellulite formation. Following are some of the other common causes for cellulite:


Aging is considered to be among the major causes of cellulite. With age, strength of our skin cells and connective tissue is decreased; as a result the grip and resistance are loosened and unwanted fat start getting accumulating in between. Keeping yourself physically active and following a well balanced diet is very important to keep the necessary strength in the body.


Women suffer with cellulite more when compare to men; the main contributing factor for this is estrogen hormone. Women’s body has to bear several complex hormonal changes in every stage of life. Right after puberty, estrogen imbalances start causing problems which continuous in later stages of life also, like before and after pregnancy and menopause. These hormonal imbalance are found to be a major cause for many health problems, cellulite is just one among such problems.

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Poor Blood Circulation

Supply of oxygen is seriously inhibited in parts of body where blood circulation is poor and improper. When flow of fresh blood is hampered, radicals build up in the body forming cellulites in thighs, abdomen and buttock regions. Wearing very tight clothes and lack of physical activity cause poor blood circulation.

Thyroid deficiency

Thyroid glands produce thyroid hormone; Thyroid hormone helps in burning excess fat from the body. Lack of Thyroid production causes its deficiency in the body, which can lead to accumulation of excess unwanted fat in the body. This could also be a cause for cellulite formation.


cellulite-before-and-afterObese families run a higher risk of getting cellulite. Though there is no direct connection between obesity and cellulite but studies show that cellulite formation is hereditary and runs in the families who are obese. Even if the cause is hereditary, cellulite formation can be controlled and you can get rid of cellulites completely by proper treatment and care.

Imbalanced Diet

A well Balanced diet eliminates risk of innumerable health problems. Poor and imbalanced diet is found to be the major cause of several health problems. Eating spicy and fatty foods accumulates unwanted fat in the body. If this fat is not burned immediately it starts spreading in all parts of the body and it reaches under the skin forming cellulites.

Other common causes for cellulites are smoking, over stressing the body, crash dieting, diabetes, disorders in the adrenal glands, consuming digestion problems and cortisone drugs.

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