Using Ultrasound Treatment to Reduce Cellulite

October 18, 2014

Certain parts of the body, such as the buttocks and the thigh are prone to developing dimpled fat. This is known as cellulite. It is also referred to as peau d’orange in French due to its characteristic appearance of orange peel. Cellulite commonly affects the majority of women, luckily their are a range of cosmetic procedures available that can greatly help reduce it’s dimple appearance, one of the most non evasive treatments and with proven results is the use of ultrasound to cure cellulite.

How does cellulite form?

Cellulite formation is mainly due to abnormal fat deposition. The fat of cellulite is separated by inelastic bands of connective tissue. These bands run between the skin and deeper tissues, where they are firmly secured. As the person gains weight, the fat cells swell naturally in the direction of the skin. This creates a bulge on the skin with the elastic bands pulling the skin giving the skin a dimpled appearance. Poor circulation of the lymph which carries waste products and toxins from the different tissues to the blood also contributes to cellulite formation. In addition, factors like lack of physical activity, smoking, eating refined and processed foods and inadequate consumption of water also contribute to cellulite deposition.

Many different methods are now available to women for treating cellulite and the use of ultrasound is amongst the newest form of therapy for cellulite. This is a noninvasive technique used for the treatment of cellulite which is based on the generation of heat in the affected area using high frequency sound waves. Ultrasound has successfully been used in the treatment of muscle and tendon injuries.

How does ultrasound work?

laser-therapy-cellulite-removalThe ultrasound machine produces high frequency sound waves. These sound waves vibrate through the tissues to reach deep within the areas of inflammation and injury. The heat thus produced increases the size of the blood vessels and hence increases the flow of blood to the affected parts. This action causes flushing of the waste and toxic substances accumulated in these areas.

Cellulite treatment with ultrasound

The sound head of the ultrasound machine is moved in gentle strokes and circles over the area affected by cellulite. This process is continued only for a few minutes. An anti- inflammatory cream or lotion can also be used in conjunction. Though some feel that this mode of therapy could be harmful, experts from this field say that it is a completely safe procedure.

The patient will need rest for a few days following the procedure as the healing begins immediately. Some anti-inflammatory therapy may also be required. Since a large number of toxins are released into the circulation, it is very important that the person takes plenty of fluids or water to help the kidneys flush out these toxins from the body. The procedure for rehydration is extremely essential. This can be done either at home or under supervision at a clinic.

The ultrasound therapy is a specialized form of therapy which must be taken under guidance of qualified personnel to prevent any harmful effects and to have the desired result.

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