Top Tips for Getting Rid Of Cellulite

July 7, 2014

Cellulite is a popular term for dimpled-looking skin which develops on 90% and more of American women. It mostly appears on the stomach, buttocks and the thighs. Cellulite isn’t a medical condition; it also doesn’t have any noticeable effects on ones health. However, it is in most cases regarded as being an unwanted blemish which appears on one skin. It is impossible to remove it entirely although there are quite a number of techniques you could use to reduce its presence.

Understanding Cellulite

Development of cellulite is due to several reasons. Production of estrogen in women after puberty encourages natural fat cells growth. When the rates of estrogen begin declining at 25 years of age, the circulation in some body parts decreases, resulting to reduced strength in collagen which is a layer of the connective tissue which supports the skin. Existing fat cells start to protrude via natural gaps found in connective tissues as collagen weakens. This causes classical dimpled appearance or lumpy skin. This condition is made worse by excessive weight gain. The excess weight does not however cause formulation of cellulite. Research has in fact indicated that production of cellulite could be partially genetic. Click Here to see what treatments provide the best results.

Typically, men are not affected as they lack estrogen and the structure of their connective tissue is different.

Lifestyle Modifications

cellulite-beach-thighsSeveral changes in your lifestyle are also important so that you ca be able to reduce cellulite. 3 controllable factors include fitness levels, weight gain and smoking. When you smoke you damage your connective tissue. This may contribute to the production of cellulite. Having extra weight will lead to more fat pushing through the connective tissue and the lack of fitness will lead to skin which is slackened. To reverse these bad effects you need to stop smoking, seek methods to reaching the appropriate weight and exercise and do regular physical activities.

Changing the clothing that you wear is also important. Natural decrease in circulation may be made worse by wearing restrictively tight pants or underwear which stimulates the appearance and production of cellulite. Find clothing styles that are not tight so as to not limit circulation.

Procedures to Reducing Cellulite

2 different laser treatments which are designed for reducing cellulite appearance have been approved by the FDA. The first option combines the use of laser with massage. The other one combines lasers and a suction technique. The two treatments temporarily break down fat in the respective areas. You should note that they do not consider the underlying causes for the formation of cellulite. They will also require considerable expense and time and they ought to be followed by more procedures for maintenance.

Topical creams are cheaper. They however also only consider fat cells with no effect on the connective tissues.

Another possible option is liposuction. It is intended for removing deeper fat layers. It will have no benefits in the curing cellulite. It may actually end up worsening the appearance. You should talk to a doctor regarding the risks of using any cellulite reducing procedures and products.

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