Tips to Remove Cellulite from the Stomach

October 5, 2014

Cellulite occurs as a result of fat being deposited under the surface of the skin. These deposits tend to push against the connective tissues and muscles. This creates a dimpled appearance which is referred to as cellulite. Other people tend to be more cellulite prone as compared to others. As a general fact, it appears mostly among women. There are quite a variety of treatments for stomach cellulite. Others are unable to eradicate the stomach cellulite completely. You can however be able to improve the appearance of the cellulite significantly using the following tips.

Reduce your weight

By reducing fat in the body you will be reducing the size of fat cells which are causing stomach cellulite. Though you cannot be able to remove the fat cells completely, you can be able to make the cellulite less prominent by shrinking the fat cells sizes. As for losing weight, you ought to burn out more calories compared to those that you are consuming.

Do some exercises

Cardiovascular exercises will assists you in burning calories and losing body fat. This in turn helps to reduce the appearance of the stomach cellulite. You should aim at getting a minimum thirty minutes of these cardio exercises every day as you make efforts to reduce your body fat. Swimming, cycling, jogging, team sports and aerobics are some of the activities you should try out.

Do abdominal exercises

stomach-cellulite-freeToning the muscles found in the affected area will also help in smoothing out the cellulite in the stomach area. Take a focus on the exercise such as crunches which concentrate on muscles of the abdomen.

Do stomach massages

Regular massage assists in breaking up the fat deposits that are dense and which cause stomach cellulite. Massaging will also increase circulation. This helps in flushing toxins from the stomach areas. Using firm pressure, rub the stomach every day for a minimum 2 minutes.

Try to dry-brush your stomach

This is a popular technique used tot treat cellulite. It involves using a body brush for the areas that are affected by cellulite. Use circular movements using a body brush on the stomach. Apart from encouraging circulation this technique will also improve the lymphatic system. Dry brushing ought to be done on the stomach every day for 2 to 3 minutes.

Use cellulite-treatment cream or lotion on your stomach

The topical treatments have caffeine. When caffeine is applied topically, it reduces appearance of the cellulite because it causes skin stimulation. Do this every day for best results.

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