The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

August 14, 2014

Cellulite appears on the stomach, buttocks, arms and upper thighs of a lot of people. It makes the skin to appear lumpy and dimply. Having thighs which are dimpled is embarrassing and may keep you from wearing clothing that you like. For instance wearing shorts during summer. There are quite a number of techniques which are claimed to cure the dimpling effect of cellulite. They include exercises, diets, creams, surgery, fillers, liposuction, fat melting injections, mechanical massage, infrared light and lasers.

The Best Treatments

As painful as cellulite treatments are, they require being continual requiring periodical treatments for maintenance. The laser toning procedure works by light energy being pointed under the surface of the skin. This will then elicit a wound response which will produce new collagen thus tightening the skin. Injections that are aimed at melting fat were invented in France. A drug called phosphatidylcholine is used in melting the fat. Originally the drug was designed for dissolving artery blocking plaque. It was later discovered that if repeatedly used by injecting under the skin it would melt the subcutaneous fat. Animals that have the procedure done on them show the occurrence of ulcers and bleeding.

britney-celluliteFill the holes procedure would involve filling the cellulite dents. When the dents are large doctors go in and fill them with fat. The procedure can take time as the holes are filled in individually by the doctors. Many creams claim to assist in the cellulite appearance. Some of the creams will contain blood vessel dilating components. The components also break down fat and firm the skin. Caffeine, which is a good fat burner, is also incorporated in cellulite creams. Vitamin C, Q10 and retinol are other ingredients which are used in creams for tightening the cellulite skin. Diets are the other means that you could use to fight cellulite. This is because as the one loses weight the fat cells tend to shrink. Lecithin foods like soy, spinach and eggs assist in reducing cellulite appearance. This is because these foods make the cell walls stronger. You can also reduce cellulite using exercise.

How much does it cost to remove cellulite

Pilates are exercises which combine stretching and strength training. Pilates also increases and expands the muscles which are found under the skin. This causes the fascia to spread across the muscles. This irons out the dimples. Costs for removing cellulite vary widely. Laser treatments cost around $150 to $250 per treatment. Fillers for injecting cost around $1500, 2 to 3 treatments of this are required, lasting 2 years or more. Creams could cost anywhere between $10 and $50 per bottle. Cream results are usually subtle lasting up to 24 hours. Treatment for this would take up to 5 minutes daily.

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