The Best Ways to Cure Cellulite

August 3, 2014

Cellulite leads to skin puckering thus giving off the appearance of cottage cheese. The abdomen, thighs, buttocks and the hips are the body parts that are mostly affected by the cellulite. Both women and men are affected by the unpleasant cellulite appearance. However women seem to be the most affected this condition. Many techniques and theories exist that promise to be able to vanish the cellulite in no time. Some of these methods tend to be really absurd (rubbing coffee on the thighs or brushing the skin). However no merits exist as claimed by those who praise these absurd methods.

Lifestyle Changes

You might be able to reduce cellulite appearance on the skin by making some radical modifications in your lifestyle. Some of the main contributor to cellulite appearance eon your skin are smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol and smoking are habits which are unhealthy and contain free radicals. These will lead to both inflammation and constriction to the blood vessels, veins and capillaries. If you quit drinking and smoking you might be able to see a great change on your skin as the cellulite affected areas will end up becoming smoother.

Diet and Exercise

walking-exerciseObese and overweight persons are at a higher risk of getting severe cellulite compared to those people who are healthy. An inactive lifestyle and increase in weigh leads to negative impact on the circulation of blood and overall heightened levels of cellulite appearance. You will thus be required to follow a healthy exercise and diet regimen so as to be able to fight cellulite.

Strength training and cardio exercises are the most recommended. Do these exercises at least 3 times every week. Also remember to prepare your meals with fresh ingredients only. For instance, when preparing a tilapia for dinner, first season the tilapia using rosemary and lemon juice which is freshly squeezed as opposed to making a fatty garlic of Alfredo sauce for adding lather to the fish.


You need the cellulite to go away as fast as possible. You might thus be tempted to go to the gym every day of the week. However, this might lead to increased cellulite appearance as it is stressful. Prolonged stress may encourage fat build-up in cellulite affected areas. As much as you are making an effort to exercise and eat healthy, it is important that you do the same for a relaxation period. Have some time set every day just for doing relaxing activities like reading a book, yoga, and having a bubble bath.

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