The Best Herbal Medicines to Help Cure Cellulite

October 4, 2014

Most women who are over 30 year of age have some cellulite form or “orange peel” on their skin some place on their body. They are usually found on the thighs and hips. Cellulite has insightful appearance and is difficult in eliminating. While many topical creams exist which address cellulite problems, mainly a combination of exercise, diet and herbal remedies that are able to tackle cellulite problem and eliminate or reduce it. The herbal treatments tend to work by primarily increasing the flow and circulation of blood. This helps in improving the skin’s overall look.


The difficult-to-eat and lowly artichoke contains lots of therapeutic advantages. It has the ability to help in detoxifying and ridding the body of excess fluids. It is also helpful in boosting liver functioning and helps the digestive tract. In this way, the removal of toxins and water that is in excess in the body, the texture and look of the skin will improve. Eat artichoke that is cooked or be on the lookout for leaf extracts of artichoke or tincture in the local health stores and follow the direction on the package when taking it.


Silica is contained in horsetail and is helpful for strengthening the blood vessels. It raises circulation of blood in body areas like the thighs and hips which may be infected by cellulite. Horsetail supplements may be found in health stores. Follow the dosage instructions given carefully.

Gingko Biloba

foods-fight-celluliteThe Ginkgo biloba is very popular and it is natural. It is used for problems which are associated with circulation of blood and blood vessels. Gingko works through improving the flow of blood in the legs and arms together with elimination of fluids. Gingko biloba supplements are available in most health stores. Follow package directives.


Seaweed extract may also have roles in the reduction of cellulite appearance. Seaweeds like fucus vesiculosus and laminaria digitala contains iodine in high levels. This helps in thyroid gland functioning. The thyroid gland tends to play a big role in metabolism. The seaweed may help in loss of weight and in improving metabolic functioning. It can also assist in the prevention and reduction of cellulite.

Always remember to take in lots of whole grains, vegetables and fruits and lean meat, together with frequent exercises. These alone may help in reducing cellulite appearance.

See your physician prior to adding any herbs to your program for reducing cellulite.

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