A Comprehensive Review of the Joey Atlas SYMULAST Method – Cellulite Reduction Program

May 4, 2014

SYMULAST Method Package

Do you have 22 minutes to spare to get rid of your cellulite? If so, there is a program out there that is right up your alley. Over the course of this review, we’ll take a look at why this powerful cellulite busting program works so quickly and so effectively, even though it is super simple to complete.

So if you are embarrassed to wear high skirts, revealing bathing suits or if you just want to look and feel better for you and/or your partner, it’s time to boost your self-confidence and get rid of that cellulite. Here’s why the best way to do that is to simply put yourself in the experienced guidance of one of the world’s most respected exercise programs: the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method.

What is the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method?

The program itself was created by world-renowned health and fitness expert, Joey Atlas. The SYMULAST method was specifically designed with one goal in mind: to eliminate cellulite from the hips, legs, thighs and buttocks as quickly, completely and effectively as possible. Atlas understands that in today’s fast-paced world, the busiest women don’t have time to spend hours getting rid of cellulite.

Whether you’re busy with your career, family or anything in between, the bottom line is that the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method is a comprehensive, step-by-step program that helps to reduce and eliminate even the most stubborn cellulite.

What Happens During the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method?

There are a number of components to the program, but the main three are a PDF eBook, a comprehensive schedule and a video training series. These three components help you turn all the right keys to your cellulite burning engine, unlocking revolutionary ways for your body to get rid of cellulite faster and easier than ever before—all from your living room.

The method was devised over Joey’s 40+ year career as a personal trainer, fitness expert,  instructor and author. Since 1985, Joey has fine-tuned his wealth of knowledge helping people of all ages overcome their health issues to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Over that time, he was able to constantly push the limits of his program, optimizing the benefits while minimizing the effort.

Is the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method Just Another Workout Program?

For those of you who might have tried something like this before, keep in mind that the Symulast Method is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before you can see a review of the Symulast Method here. That’s because it is specially designed to help you blast the cellulite out of your problem areas with the proper form for working out and a sequence of workout regimens.

This means that your body is turned into the complete cellulite eradication system, allowing you to burn off the unsightly cottage cheese. Plus, you can do these exercises between commercials of your favorite program, while listening to your favorite music or just about anything and anywhere else.

That’s not even taking into account how much more you get than just the most perfect cellulite burning exercises in the world!

What Else Comes with the Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method?

Here are some of the other benefits, programs and informative treasure troves you get when you start the SYMULAST Method:

  • NAKED BEAUTY Streaming Online Video to help guide you step-by-stepNaked Beauty Symulast Method by Joey Atlas
  • NAKED BEAUTY PDF/printable eBook with helpful photos and easy to read instructions
  • Your Personal Cellulite Removal Exercise Schedule
  • ‘Top Secret’ Anti-Cellulite Cardio Instructions
  • BONUS: Flat Sexy Stomach Routine: a 9-Minute Online Streaming Video
  • BONUS: Tightly Toned Arms: an 8-Minute Online Streaming Video
  • Free Life-Time Subscription to ‘The Cellulite Files’
  • Life-Time Anti Cellulite Prevention and Maintenance Cheat-Sheet
  • *60-Day ‘NAKED BEAUTY’ Guarantee: Your Cellulite is Gone or Your Money Back
  • FREE updates and additions to NAKED BEAUTY for life

As you can see, this is much more than just a workout program. It’s a lifestyle change that you can embrace, completely supported by years of scientific research and perfection. The SYMULAST Method from Naked Beauty is the last cellulite product you will ever need to buy, guaranteed or your money back.

And in case you didn’t notice something very important here, we’ll point it out. The system is designed to work in 28 days yet they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. That means that you have an entire month to get your money back if it doesn’t work. Why would Joey Atlas do this? Because his Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method works. It’s that effective and he stands behind his product that much.

Where to Order The Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method

Even better is the fact that right now, you can get 50% off of the regular $100 price on the Method, just in time for beach season. Get your body into the beach shape you want so you can finally wear that two piece you bought. Don’t let your summer wardrobe be dictated by your cellulite. Drop the sarong and drop the cottage cheese so you can walk around dressed to the nines, even when you’re not wearing much.

When you purchase the SYMULAST Method, you’ll receive a digital package that you can download and access from wherever you’d like: iPhones, laptops, PCs, iPads, tablets, Androids, smartphones, etc. Anywhere that you can watch videos and read PDFs, you can work on getting rid of your cellulite.

Then, all you have to do is follow the program exactly as it is written. This is a specially formulated system that will work on any body type, any body weight, at any age. When you’ve decided that you are done putting up with your embarrassing, unattractive cellulite, simply click here to access your Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method membership package completely risk free for 60 days.

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