Massage Steps to Help Reduce Cellulite

October 20, 2014

There are many ways to get rid of those ugly fatty layers and multi-dimpled skin from the body, known as cellulite. Massage therapy can be performed in order to reduce the overall cellulite symptoms that are present on the larger areas of the body such as buttocks, thighs and abdomen. If the massage is performed in ideal way, it will help dissolving the fatty tissues beneath the skin that bring-up the cellulite symptoms. Nevertheless, the massage steps for cellulite reduce fatty material from the body but the massage cannot be considered as first line treatment for cellulite condition. As a complete ‘set’ of treatment, the massage steps for cellulite are often combined with a particular diet plan and some regular physical workouts like physical exercises for legs, buttocks and abdomen.

These massage steps for cellulite can help reduce and remove cellulite tissues. The technique consists of a combination of some particular massage stroke like rubbing, kneading and twisting the areas that are affected by the cellulite. Once the cellulite affected areas are energized and are warm enough, the fat-tissues and harmful toxic substances starts getting dissolved and finally they are drained into the lymphatic system of the body.

Another benefit of using a massage  is that it can improve the blood circulation locally (at the area, wherein the cells that produce cellulite are situated). Regular massage certainly improves the overall blood circulation and also renders the heat locally. This procedure, in turn, makes the cellulite cells to become loosen and thereon, molten cells are taken away from the cellulite affected areas making the part lean and cellulite-free.

cellulite-massage-thigh-proffesionalThese massage steps for cellulite, according to many holistic healers, make the cellulite cells softer and then they start fading gradually. Massage performed with some particular strokes will help reducing or even carrying off the excess body fluid, one of the main culprits giving raise to cellulite. This is because; such extra fluid retention is generally the result of poor lymphatic drainage system or improper blood circulation. Poor drainage system allows the fibers to become thick and finally they adhere to the multitude of collagen fibers.

Cellulite massage involves some specially made essential oils. The ingredients used in such formulas are particularly chosen to treat cellulite cells. They possess some properties, which stimulate the skin, dermal cells and the fatty layers beneath the skin. In some parts of the world as in Southeast Asia, potent herbs that carry natural anti-obesity action like peppermint and lavender have been practiced since years.

Whatever is the material used for the therapy, there are certain common massage steps for cellulite that can be considered as standard technique, which one can follow to reduce cellulite from any site of the body :

Step 1

One can apply cellulite lotion or gel onto the cellulite areas so that while massaging, the palms can glide-on without any friction.

Step 2

After oiling the palms, one can start the massage at the lowest point. Move up towards the direction to the heart. However, you do not need to reach heart. For instance, if you are treating thigh, move from knee to the groin and stop!

Step 3

The gentle pressure onto the skin is applied and the strokes are not to be vigorous. One can opt for long sweeping strokes. Such strokes are achieved using the knuckles, fingers or palms of the hands. If you want to perform some kneading, use the thumbs and fingers.

Step 4

In case, you need to pinch, pinch the skin softly between a thumb and rest of the fingers. Pulling the skin somewhat away from the body serves the purpose of pinching.

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