Lose Cellulite With a Body Wrap

August 18, 2014

A body wrap for cellulite is quickly becoming a popular technique and this procedure is now being used at home and treatment centers. Cellulite is one of those conditions that get you a bulky look at one particular area (generally large areas of the body such as hips and buttocks). They appear like an orange peel or cottage cheese and the skin, on outside, appears dimply. There are many equipments and techniques that help reducing the cellulite, cellulite body wrap being one of them.

Generally, health spas have facilities for various cellulite body-wraps and it is one of the favorite techniques for cellulite reduction. Cellulite body wrap is of many types and it depends upon the condition and the degree of the cellulite. Herbal cellulite body-wraps are comprised of many potential herbs such as seaweed, Aloe vera, algae. And adding a little mud to it makes it a complete pack for cellulite body wrap. However, the effect for each wrap differs from person to person.

cellulite-magnify-glassOne of the theories as described by health experts is cellulite reduction by the body wrap works by creating the same condition that reduces the feverish condition. In other words, when the body gets fever and if there must be a natural way to treat it, the body is supported to remove toxins that are present in the bloodstream. Once the toxins are flushed out, the feverish condition can be healed. Cellulite body wrap also confirms the elimination of the toxins from the body by the perspiration. The skin is brushed and massaged equally with one of those substances before they are being tied or wrapped with linens from neck to toe.

Homemade cellulite body wrap

You can also go for homemade cellulite body wrap if you find body wraps costly that are available in the spas and other natural healing centers. You can use warm coffee grounds and can spread on those areas that are affected by cellulite. After spreading, you can wrap the areas with seaweed and then cover it with cellophane or any type of plastic wrap. Leave it for about half an hour and then remove the wrap. You should then massage the area gently while rinsing with lukewarm water. The entire procedure will help to melt the fats that are accumulated just beneath the skin and will loosen the material so that it can be then easily drained via bloodstream curing the cellulite condition.

Another self-help cellulite reducing technique includes the dry skin brushing method. This method treats the cellulite condition by increasing the local blood circulation around the area that is affected by cellulite. Increasing the circulation gently drains the lymphatic system that contains toxins and other wasteful material in the body. It is advisable to go for such dry skin brushing daily preferably in the morning before taking bath i.e. on the dry body. Using long handled brittle brush makes the procedure easier to perform. Start brushing several times from the bottom of the feet upwards, from hands to shoulders and then from abdomen towards the chest area. One should leave the sensitive areas.

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