Is Caffeine Bad for Cellulite?

May 11, 2014

Many people have wondered if there is a connection between caffeine and cellulite.

It’s true, drinking too much coffee can increase toxins and the fat cells in your body. This may be bad news for women who love their cup of Joe, especially if they have problems with cellulite. High levels of caffeine will contribute to weight gain and fluid retention.cellulite-caffeine

Caffeine also increases cortisol and insulin levels in the blood. When these levels are raised they increase cravings for foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Our bodies will want to consume more calories, which eventually contributes to more cellulite.

Caffeine has also been known to affect the levels of vitamin B and calcium in your blood stream. Without these essential nutrients, the body struggles to flush out toxins from our system. The toxins build up and increase the production of fat cells, which eventually cause cellulite problems.

There’s no need to give up coffee completely; you simply need to limit your intake to a couple of cups a day. Also consider limiting the amount of creamer in the coffee along with any extra sugar. Both of these items have extra fat and high carbohydrate contents. Extra calories contribute to the production of cellulite.

Drinking more water can also reduce the cravings for caffeine. Water hydrates the body and helps to flush out excess fat deposits. When the skin is hydrated it looks smoother and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

If you drink soda, tea and coffee the caffeine intake will be high. The average eight ounce cup of brewed coffee contains between ninety five and two hundred milligrams of caffeine.

Eight ounces of black tea contains between fourteen and seventy milligrams of caffeine. A twelve ounce Coke or Pepsi has around thirty milligrams. When you add all these items together, you may be consuming more caffeine than you realized. Women who consume too much caffeine can also suffer from sleeplessness, tension headaches and PMS.

If you really want to keep cellulite under control, try reducing your caffeine intake. Drink more water as this helps to purify the body and flush away excess toxins. Try replacing a cup of coffee with two large glasses of water.

Eat more fruit and berries as certain fruits contain antioxidants which help your body release excess fat cells.

Exercising at least four times a week will also help to keep your cellulite level in check.

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