How to Remove Cellulite from the Skin’s Surface

July 9, 2014

Cellulite refers to a depiction of a topographic state of the skin resulting from the protrusion of the fat beneath the skin into the fibrous tissue, causing the skin to look dimpled. Normally, cellulite is found around the pelvic areas and the thighs.

A lot of women have cellulite and dimples as well as some men, and no known negative side effects are related to cellulite. Though it is very common and does not cause any harm, there are many cosmeticians working very hard to make you believe that not only can you do away with it, you have to as well. Though there is a consensus among doctors there isn’t any permanent solution for cellulite—not expensive creams, liposuction or laser treatments—there are several things you can do at home to help remove cellulite and dimples from your skins surface.

Here’s How to Remove the Dimples

Stop smoking and taking alcohol, coffee and soda. These habits tend to weaken the skin, making you more prone to cellulite.
Take a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. Water removes out wastes and toxins from your body system and offers protection from puckering and drying.
target-cellulite-areasTake diets that have low amounts of fat, but have high amounts of complex carbohydrates and fibers such as grains, vegetables and fruits. Excessive salt will cause dehydration, resulting in bloating at the beginning, accompanied afterwards by dry and weak skin in the end. This type of diet stops you from adding on additional fat, that causes an increase in cellulite.

Get massaged

Health professionals do not concur if kneading cellulite for some minutes each day will induce blood to flow as well as breaking down of wastes, or if it will only result in the inflammation of your limbs and disguise cellulite. Whichever way though, the cellulite will be more concealed and temporarily less visible.

Engage yourself in exercise daily

You can perform various strength training exercises which aim for the areas with dimples to build up muscles and also increase firmness. Another great option for those concerned with reducing cellulite is yoga, as this puts together exercises that promote strength as well as flexibility, that result in your limbs becoming more pliant and limber.

Put on some self-tanner

Though self-tanner has no effect on the existence of your cellulite, it makes your cellulite much harder to spot. Cellulite is less visible on skins with darker tones.

Relax and calm down

A study has shown that stress makes cellulite more visible. Cellulite is related to an individual’s genes and hormones, and having cellulite does not indicate any wrong acts that you have done.

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