How to Lose Cellulite in a Week

August 3, 2014

Cellulite is hard to rid of since it results from the accumulation of fat beneath the skin, more commonly on the thighs. Though it’s hard to completely rid of these lumpy fats, it is very possible to reduce the visibility of cellulite in just one week. Adding to consumption of a diet that has plenty of vegetables, and low amounts of salt and sodium, taking plenty of water as well as exercising, there is a simple home treatment that can assist reduce these skin lumps.

Home Treatment

Mix some coffee grounds with approximately 1/4 cup of some olive oil (you can add more of you want) inside a small bowl.
Warm the mixture for around 5 to 10 seconds inside a microwave.

While lying down, apply directly the mixture on the sections that are affected. If you cannot lie down, employ a plastic wrapper to ensure the mixture remains on the skin. Ensure that the mixture is massaged to your skin and let it rest there for around ten minutes.

Clean off the mixture using water that is warm. The caffeine inside the combination will result in the shrinking out of pores assisting in the firming up of your skin. Redo this process a minimum of two times each day for a week. To further assist you in reducing the visibility of cellulite on a beach day—as well as any other day in which you shall have to show plenty of skin—have a cold bath. Using water that is as cold as possible, stand and also sit in a bathtub for around ten minutes in order to make your skin firm.

Drink Plenty of Water

water-drink-for-celluliteTry to also drink plenty of water also assists in eliminating cellulite. Water removes out the toxins that are let out from massaging this combination into the skin. Increase your consumption of whole foods e.g. vegetables refraining from consumption of plenty of salt and sodium. Salt keeps in water instead of letting it be released from the body. Exercise affecting the lower body—e.g. bike riding, lunges, squats as well as any other exercise which works on the thighs—also assist in combating cellulite.

Anti-cellulite medication creams that have Retinol A also can improve the elasticity of your skin. Search for ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, and seaweed, all which cause drainage of tissues.
For those with problems or injuries on the knees, they should avid squats or any other exercise that involves plenty of knee bending.

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