How to get Rid of Cellulite with Weight Training

July 25, 2014

No one really knows why women get cellulite. Nevertheless, women around the world have made it their personal goal to get rid of these unsightly things that make certain body parts look like cottage cheese. There is no silver bullet treatment when it comes to removing cellulite. One way to remove it is through Weight Training but this does come with a bit of effort.

While cellulite has no correlation with a person’s weight, it is still possible to remove a certain amount of cellulite by decreasing excess body fat. Engaging in aerobic exercise coupled with strength training increase the chances of getting rid of most of the cellulite or at least making them much less noticeable.

Cellulite commonly occurs on the lower limbs, abdomen and on the pelvic region. Therefore, you should choose exercises that target these areas. For the lower limbs you can try doing squats, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises. Crunches are great for strengthening your abdominals. For the pelvic region, you can do bridges, pelvic thrusts, and medicine ball exercises. If you’re doing strength training for the first time, it’s always a good idea to start small. Consult with your doctor first before embarking on an exercise routine. This is especially important if you have certain known diseases such as asthma, hypertension or a heart condition. Don’t overexert yourself to avoid injury. It’s best that you join a nearby gym where you can have access to a personal trainer. These trainers can help you create an exercise schedule that’s best for you as well as determine when you’re ready to take your exercise to a higher level.

cellulite-exerciseWhen you’re dealing with weights, don’t try to go for the heavy ones on the very first try. Start with weights that are light enough for you to be able to use for the duration of the session but not too light that it comes off as easy.

As with any kind of weight training, you should do these exercises three times a week. Leave at least a day of rest in between workouts so that your body can recover. Don’t overdo your weight training! Fifteen to twenty minutes a day is all you need. The important thing is to be consistent.

It is important to know that exercise isn’t the only thing you need to do to get rid of cellulite. You should also practice good diet to further aid fat loss.

The wonderful thing about losing cellulite in this manner is that the removal becomes permanent. Not only that, the exercise also boosts your metabolism. Your body becomes more sleek and toned. Plus you have more strength and energy to get you through the day. You look great, feel great and end up having more confidence without the scars that cosmetic surgery could have left behind.

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