How does Cellulite Ionithermie Reduction Work?

August 26, 2014

Cellulite is a condition that may not harm the body internally but the situation is bad enough to disallow you to go publicly. Cellulite is nothing but a fatty condition that makes your skin dimply and bulky. They appear like a cottage cheese and/or orange peel featuring like an extra ‘bunch’ of fats at some of the bulky places in the body such as buttocks, hips, stomach and many times legs.

There are plenty of products and lotions available in the market to treat and to reduce the cellulite. They all highlight their efficacy reducing the cellulite with their mesmerizing punch lines with great marketing strategies but very few of them are successful treating cellulite.

Ionithermie is one of the most effective ways to treat and/or to reduce conditions of cellulite. The results are visible just after a single session of being treated with this wonderful treatment. Cellulite Ionithermie reduction therapy is a method that acts by using natural sea life and marine products and it is done in three major steps.

In the first part of the Ionithermie treatment, cellulite affected area is covered by products that contain natural algae that helps removing and redistributing the toxins, which are responsible for the condition cellulite. In the second part, those affected parts are rubbed with products that are galvanic. When you rub galvanic products, they prepare the skin to absorb the overall treatment in a better way and it also makes skin being able to adopt further steps of the treatment.

The last part of the Ionithermie treatment is to apply a stimulant that is rich in faradic sources. Applying such stimulant is proved method which helps to stimulate and to make the local area work while the treatment is being performed. The entire procedure will allow other substances to perform their tasks with favorable results.

cellulite-laser-therapy-removalOnce these three steps are performed well, there are some electrodes to be applied onto the affected areas. The pimpled skin is then stretched and toned and simultaneously, the skin that is soft and saggy (one of the most common character of the skin that cause cellulite) is reduced dramatically. One of the most favoring and positive reasons to adopt Ionithermie cellulite reduction treatment is that there are no such reports that record any major harmful or unwanted effects. The only side effect one might experience is a little bit rashes or the redness over the skin or there might be a slight irritation. Nevertheless, this generally occurs when the electrodes are allergic to some ‘over sensitive’ skin. Also when the electrodes are used and not properly cleaned.

Generally, the effects of Ionithermie cellulite reduction program are instant and users are benefited with improved skin condition just after a very first session but they have to undergo many sessions to fulfill the purpose. Only one sitting may give results but may not last long. In a first consultation, after thoroughly examination, a surgeon will decide the plan and total number of sittings and that is informed to the patient in advance.

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