How Common is Cellulite?

August 25, 2014

Cellulite is the lumpy pocket like substance of fat which causes dimpling in the skin. It is commonly found on the buttocks, thighs and stomach. The dimpling resembles an orange peel look because it is uneven and patchy.

Approximately 90% of women develop the cellulite after adolescent; it is not common in men. Most women develop cellulite around the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Sometimes people relate obesity to cellulite of which it is not the case as even skinny women can develop cellulite.

Under the outer and the inner covering of skin are three fatty layers. It is in the subcutaneous layer of fat that cellulite is developed. The subcutaneous layer is different in its structuring when linked with other layers; this is because its fatty element is planned in chambers by the tissue near it.

Fat and metabolism are also stored in the subcutaneous layer by the assistance of the hormones.

There are two fat reserves layers under the subcutaneous fat layer which have fat cells that melt into a loose system. This layers can be gotten rid off by change of lifestyle, change of diet and regular exercise. The fat and metabolism stored in these layers can be predetermined by one’s genetic makeup.

celebrity-cellulite-beachA woman’s subcutaneous fat layer is different from that a man. Women have a subcutaneous fat layer with a large upright chamber that allow fat in large quantity to be stored in it unlike men who have subcutaneous fat layer with small slanting chamber which only aloe small fat quantity to be stored.

Cellulite is developed when compound physiological alterations take place in the subcutaneous fat layer. The formation of cellulite cannot be hindered by exercising consistently or even by change of diet but poor nutrition; lack of sufficient water in the body and overweight caused by poor lifestyle can make the cellulite be in a bad appearance of period of time.

Today various products in the market claim to be a solution to this problem. However it has not been proved which product is the best or which is not the sufficient one. It is very easy to buy what will never assist you.

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