How can I Fight against Cellulite

August 9, 2014

Almost all women have cellulite to some degree – dimpled skin appearing mostly on the buttocks, hips and thighs. Some of the men will also be affected by the cellulite. Cellulite is what results from fatty tissues which are uneven pushing in opposition to the skin. Its affects are not limited to the fat individuals as even the slender ones are affected. Those who suffer from the cellulite condition find it unsightly though it really doesn’t have any harmful effects. Most claims made by the manufacturer of these products that are meant to banish cellulite have not been well tested and verified by any independent scientific evidence. However with the right changes in your lifestyle and treatments it is possible for one to improve your cellulite appearance.

You should eat healthy diets that are rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits for the achievement and maintenance of healthy weight and the improvement of skin texture and tone.

Do regular exercises with the aim of strengthening the muscles within the areas that are most likely to be affected by the cellulite. They include such areas as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and legs. The replacement of fat with actual muscle toning helps in reducing dimpled skin appearance.

celebrity-cellulite-beachAccording to The Mayo Clinic, by applying a 0.3% retinal topical formulation two times in a day will help in the improvement of the appearance of cellulite after 6 months.You should also try using radiofrequency or laser therapy. The systems which combine mechanical tissue suction and massage, intense infrared light and radiofrequency helps to improve cellulite appearance. This is according to repot publication of 2008 in Journal of Cosmetics Laser Therapy. Several treatments which are followed by treatments for maintenance may be required.

Endermologie for Cellulite

Endermologie is a  treatment which is also known as Lipomassage uses a machine that is hand-held in kneading dimpled skin in between rollers. This disrupts and disperses the underneath fatty tissue. The method is however only mildly effective when it comes to reducing cellulite. This is according to reports published in 2009 in International Journal of Dermatology. Several sessions are required and outcomes are usually short-lived.

Ultrasound or Laser Liposuction

Ultrasound-assisted or laser liposuction is more modern, non-invasive technique of liposuction which destroys the fat cells by heating them. This results in the body cellulite and circumference reduction. VelaShape is the only such device which is non-surgical currently and the Food and Drug Administration has approved its use for body temporary cellulite reduction and contouring.

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