Effective Cellulite Removal Workout

July 11, 2014

Apart from making you feel good and helping you in losing weight, a good workout can also help you burn cellulite away as well. When fats are deposited irregularly under the skin’s top layer then cellulite is formed. Increased oxygen levels in your bloodstream evens out the surface of the skin and improves your skin’s tone. You ought to exercise your body so as to fight cellulite appearance on the skin. Vigorous cardiovascular workouts are the best.

Things You’ll Need…

Comfortable clothing
Good sneakers

Muscle Building Workout

cellulite-exerciseEnsure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Also wear a fine pair of sneakers. Hydrating your body with plenty of water which is cool during your workouts is also very important as you will be losing a lot of water through sweat.

Stand while your back is all straight and bending the knees in a squat position.

Try bending your knees to the very best level that you can while maintaining a raised chest. Then easily back up to the standing position. The move is called a squat.

You are allowed to use the arms for leverage purposes if you feel like while you are squatting. Do 10 to fifteen squatting moves every day.

Stand upright while placing 1 leg in front.

Bend back slightly on the leg which is behind while at the same time stretching out the front leg. This movement of the body and the legs is known as a lunge.

For 30 seconds hold on at that position before you switch the legs (the leg that was behind moves in front while the one at the front moves back). Again remember to bend backwards slightly on the leg that is behind. Do around ten to fifteen lunges on each single leg.

Lie down your body on a rug o r towel that is soft. Turn your body such that it is lying on one side. Place one hand to support the head while the other is resting on your waist.

Slowly lift your leg to a 45-degree angle with the other one horizontal to the floor. Slowly lower your leg. For ten to fifteen times you should repeat the up-down movement before switching to the other leg.

Cardiovascular Workout

Briskly walk for 20-minutes each and every day. The other option is that you walk on a treadmill.

Ensure that you are breathing deeply through the nose while walking. Exhale via the mouth. This helps in getting the blood pumping.

Cool down by taking five to ten minutes of slow walk.

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