Does Red Light Therapy Work On Cellulite?

May 13, 2014

Red light therapy is a simple technology which is proving beneficial for all types of health ailments. NASA was actually the first company to discover the benefits of red light therapy which included; the reduction of pain, accelerating healing and tightening of the skin. This kind of therapy can also have a positive effect on cellulite reduction.

Red light therapy is being used to treat skin damage along with the effects of aging. People who regularly undergo red light therapy can appear to look more youthful. Their skin tends to give off a natural radiance. Red light therapy has also been successful in the treatment of skin cancer and psoriasis.

The LED lights in the red light therapy can have a positive effect on cell rejuvenation. The pulses emitted by the lights are easily absorbed into the skin. The lights can kick start the skin repairing process and boost collagen levels. Treatments like this can also aid in the reduction of wrinkled skin. The skin becomes plumper which makes it appear more youthful.

Red light therapy can shrink pores, even out skin tone, fade age spots, tighten and firm the skin. It can also accelerate the healing of skin blemishes, stimulate collagen levels and fade scarring. Is it any wonder women are flocking to red light therapy as a way to treat their cellulite problems!

The red light works on breaking down the fat cells which cause cellulite. By increasing blood flow it also increases the circulation.

The blue light helps to reduce any swelling and also works like an anti-inflammatory.

The green light is used to strengthen the immune system and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

cellulite-laser-therapy-removalPeople should know there can be some side effects using this type of treatment. Feeling nauseous, weak or tired after the procedure some of the side effects someone may experience but these will disappear within a couple of hours.

Red light therapy can also improve the drainage of the lymphatic systems, which removes excess fluid. More fluid weight contributes to higher levels of dimpling under the skin. The therapy will also smooth the skin and increase the elasticity, which are two of the biggest hurdles when dealing with cellulite. If you combine red light therapy with a full body massage, this can greatly reduce the normal time allowed in resolving cellulite problems.

For many women red light therapy has been a good way to treat problems with cellulite. Before considering any treatments like this one, find out as much information about the procedure as you can first. Only then should you decide if this type of treatment for removing cellulite is right for you.

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