Do The Cellulite Patches Work?

July 28, 2014

Cellulite is fat deposits found in the subcutaneous layer of your skin. In the late 1990s, scientists discovered that cellulite also has some relation to a thin collagen layer of connective tissue. When someone has cellulite, this layer becomes discontinuous and ultimately produces that orange-peel look that thousands of women have come to hate.

In the quest for finding the silver bullet that would finally rid the world of cottage cheese thighs, many cosmetic companies have started churning out cellulite patches. For the most part, many of these patches contain caffeine as its main active ingredient. Caffeine has always been believed to act like a chemical liposuction, burning off or breaking down fat cells in the process. It also acts as a vasodilator which increases the body’s blood flow. While coffee has already been proven to have fat burning properties, the question remains: Do these caffeinated cellulite patches really work?

There have been varied responses regarding the efficacy of these patches. While some swear that the patches have reduced the amount of cellulite on the areas where they are applied, others see no real change at all except for improved skin tone.

mariah-carey-with-celluliteAside from caffeine-based patches, there are also products that use a different active ingredient. Another company uses Rhodysterol and bladderwrack as part of their cellulite patches. These two are actually derivatives of red algae. Like caffeine, these two are said to speed up the metabolism and burn fat in the areas where the patches are applied. The manufacturers of this particular product recommend that this be used for a minimum of 15 days in order to see the results. But where there any?

So far women who have used these red algae cellulite patches have been expressively satisfied. In fact, they were surprised that it actually works! Some actually see results after just a week. While the cellulite never does disappear completely, there is still a marked improvement that’s noticed after using the product. Aside from less dimples, some even go as far as to seeing an improved skin tone.

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Recently a plastic surgeon in the United States came up with the idea using collagenese to reduce the cellulite in a particular area. Collagenase is enzymes that break down the connections in the collagen layer. The collagenese can be given either by injection or by using patches. While still pending patent, studies show that applying these collagenase patches over a period of four to six weeks on the affected areas effectively reduce the cellulite by over 70%.

Whether you use caffeine, red algae or collagenese-based patches, and one thing is for certain. While these patches seem to work for a lot of women, it never removes cellulite completely. If you have a light case of the orange-peel syndrome, you might not see any improvement at all. But for those with extreme cases of cellulite, this may be a viable solution to getting rid of most of those embarrassing dimples.

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