Do Carbonated Drinks Contribute To Cellulite?

May 11, 2014

cellulite-carbonated-drinksCellulite is actually the collection of fat underneath the skin which pushes to the surface and creates a dimpled appearance. The amount of fat you have on your body, weight, age, genetics and thickness of the skin, can also have an effect on cellulite levels.

There is a myth which says ‘carbonated drinks contribute to increased cellulite’. I am here to say there is no actual evidence to support this myth. What is more likely the culprit of cellulite is sugar, sodium and caffeine found in carbonated drinks. These above ingredients are high in calories, contain absolutely no nutritional value and cause bloating.

Carbonated drinks do not expand the fat cells or cause cellulite. It’s the bloating which tightens the skin and makes cellulite look worse. Some people have said ‘sparkling water can contribute to increased cellulite’. There is no proof of this, so if you like sparkling water, continue drinking it. It’s always nice to know that a favorite drink is not the cause of your cellulite problems.

You may want to consider cutting out carbonated drinks from your diet anyway. Excess calories will lead to weight gain, water retention and the growth of fat cells within your body.

Carbonated drinks do not hydrate the body or help us flush harmful toxins from our system. People really should be more worried about the damage carbonated drinks can do to our teeth. You can actually clean your toilet with Coke, so imagine what something like this is doing to your body.

Experts at the Mayo clinic agree that excess weight is more likely to be the cause of cellulite than carbonated drinks. To finally conquer this problem, increase your activity levels and decrease your calorie intake. This will help you lose weight, reduce fat and get rid of water retention.

Eat more raw foods, fruit, vegetables and lean proteins. Consume berries of all varieties which are high in antioxidants. They will help you manage your cellulite better. Drink lots of water to help flush toxins out of the body. Stay away from foods that have high calories and no nutritional value. Limit your sugar intake and carbs.

There’s simply no shortcut or magical pill you can take in reducing cellulite. You have to apply some hard work, change your diet and get more exercise. Not only will you feel better but in the long run your body will thank you.

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