Do Anti Cellulite Lotions Really Work?

August 10, 2014

The number of options for treating cellulite are increasing by the day but none of these methods are known to have a lasting effect. Lotions and creams for cellulite reduction are one such form of therapy. Lotions are favored for cellulite treatment because they are easy to use. Many of these lotions are derived from natural substances like herbs and plant extract hence have lesser chances of adverse effects.

What do anti-cellulite lotions contain

Lotions are made of herbs like Ginkgo bilobais, sweet clover, sea-weed, grape seed oil, lecithins, lemon, ivy barley, kola nut, etc. Each of these substances has certain properties that bring about reduction of cellulite by making the appearance of the skin smooth in the affected areas. They are to be rubbed in the affected areas three to four times a day daily. These show their effect within two weeks to two months of time.

How do anti-cellulite lotions act

nivea-cellulite-creamThe different herbs used in lotions have stimulant properties. They increase the pore size of the blood vessels beneath the skin, thereby improving the flow of blood. The excess fluid from the area is absorbed by natural substances like Aloe Vera and algae which in turn reduces the puffiness in the area and prevents fluid retention.

Do anti-cellulite lotions work

As anti-cellulite lotions do little to get rid of the actual fat which is the root cause of cellulite, their effects are mainly for a short duration of time. They have been found to be effective when used in combination with other methods like massage, heat energy and light energy. Modification in lifestyle like diet and physical activity combined with use of lotions are better ways to deal with cellulite.

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