Common Causes And Treatments of Cellulite

July 27, 2014

High chances are that there has been a time that nearly all the women were stressful concerning cellulite. About 85% of the women in the world are affected by this problem. The dimple of cellulite that always shows itself around the thigh, buttocks and the stomach can be very shameful to those who suffer from it.

What are the causes of cellulite?

It is assumed by many people that overweight or obesity is associated with cellulite, however this is not true as thin and skinny women can also be victims of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by hormonal changes or it can be hereditary even though it doesn’t become worse as somebody grow old. The real cause of cellulite is not real known but it is believed that it has to do with the fat cells beneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissue. Cellulite becomes worse in people with a problem with their circulation which slows down the flow of blood or when the lymph gland functions slowly .Dr. Amy Newburger explained that cellulite is hereditary in that the person who gets it and the level that one gets it is determined from birth.

Due to the existence of big fat cells, it is possible that overweight can be a major factor in increasing the chances of getting cellulite. This is because the fat cells enlarge and push outward from the thicker connective tissues underneath the skin. A combination of the tightening skin that is related with being old and the reality that each ten years five pounds of muscles is exchanged by the softer fat results in cellulite becoming more visible as we get older.

Is cellulite cream the best treatment?

what-is-cellulite-info-diagramMany anti cellulite treatments have been created and are available in the market for sell; these treatments are emerging at a fast rate because of the anxiety of the women to get rid of cellulite. Many of these treatments are in the form of a cream. Some of this treatment are effective than others, as they were found to decrease the level of fat cells in the skin thus improving the looks of cellulite according to the findings of Dermatologic surgery. Cellulite creams work by removing fluids out of the vacuum between cells and stimulate lipolysis underneath the skin. The other benefit of cellulite creams is to improve circulation of blood and when massaged around the skin removes toxin from the body. Apply the cream just after exercise when the skin is moist and warm. This helps the medicine to be absorbed easily in the body and reaches the affected areas faster.

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What should I look for in a product to reduce and prevent cellulite?

Most of the products in the market differ in how they treat cellulite; Dr Newnberger explains that the products that have ingredients which reduce fluids and increase lipolyssis are the most effective. Also other ingredients like adiposlim, adipoles and caffeine are very effective in fighting cellulite. The best general ingredients that reduce cellulite contain ingredients that are able to improve the looks of cellulite as it improves the general smoothness of the skin and giving the skin look that is natural.

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