Can you use Plastic Surgery to Remove Cellulite

August 11, 2014

Nobody likes to see the pockmarked cellulite appearance on their skin. The fat deposits which appear under the skins layer mostly affects women and is mostly found on their thighs and buttocks as well. Though exercises and dieting are the best weapons against cellulite, you may also opt to using the surgical solution. But then even after the surgery has been carried out you will still need to do exercising and dieting so as to keep cellulite away.

How does Cellulite Surgery Work

Cellulite lysing is one of the ways of removing cellulite using surgical means. During the lysing procedure, the surgeons will make small incision to the areas on your body which are affected. He/she then inserts an instrument that severs the connections which are hair-like found between the skins and fat underneath. After the surgeon has severed the connective tissues he/she inserts fat cells which are harvested from other body parts so as to even out area under the skin. This will result to a firm result on the skin which is shapely.

target-cellulite-areasAsk the surgeon if the fat injections are appropriate in your case. Although the results from this procedure may only last for a short time, they seem to appear more natural when you compare then to other procedures. This is mainly because the fat that is used is taken from your body. Enquire from the plastic surgeon the process by which he/she fills in the cellulite affected areas of the body with fat, while at the same time not removing anything in the process.

Permit the breakdown of tissue which is found under the skin which forms cellulite. This is done using medicine injections into the areas of the body that have been affected. In mesotherapy, the circulation will improve as the cellulite is breaking down and this will result in an appearance which is mush smoother. You should however be aware that the FDA does not endorse the use of this particular procedure.

You can opt to have the lower body lifted so as to reduce cellulite appearance in the buttocks, abdomen and thighs. Receive incisions for the whole of the buttock and abdomen area. Also allow the extra tissue found in these areas to be removed. You should however be aware that this particular procedure is considered a major surgery which will require that you give it plenty of time for recovery. Ensure you talk to the surgeon regarding procedure details and the incision locations.

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