Aerobic Exercises for Cellulite Removal

August 17, 2014

Many people are looking forward for natural remedies for getting rid of cellulite as other medical and surgical procedures for eliminating cellulite are painful and expensive. Though surgical methods may give instant results but as with all surgeries, surgical cellulite removal also comes with several side effects and sometimes they don’t even give the desired results.

One of the most effective remedy for cellulite removal is aerobic exercises. They can be practiced by anyone easily and do not require any exercise equipment. These exercises can be as simple as walking. Studies reveal that simple physical exercises like biking, swimming, running and jogging etc are very effective in eliminating cellulite. These physical activities basically improve the blood circulation and helps in dissolving the fat from all corners of the body.

The two main reasons of cellulite formation are fat accumulation under the skin and poor blood circulation in all the corners of the body. These two problems can be addressed directly with the help of simple physical exercises. If you spend 15 to 30 minutes daily in activities like slow running, walking and stretching of limbs etc can make wonders in helping you to remove cellulite from the body.

walking-exerciseEven though it is best to start the exercises under the supervision of some expert but simple exercises of cellulite removal do not require any such direct supervision. You can take the help of several training CDs and DVDs available in the market. There are some training CDs are also available which particularly help you in practicing the exercises for getting rid of cellulite.

For people suffering with some orthopedic problems like osteoporosis and arthritis etc it is strongly advised that they consult their doctors before practicing these aerobic exercises of cellulite removal, as continuous stretching and straining of muscles and bones may aggravate their pain and distress.

To begin you can start with 10 to 15 minutes then you can gradually increase the timing to 20 to 30 minutes. Your aim should be to eliminate the cellulite and not making biceps or muscles. Avoid straining your muscles severely by doing heavy exercises as it can cause harm to your muscles and body.

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