A Detox Diet for Cellulite

August 23, 2014

There are many ways to lessen the appearance of the orange-peel syndrome. The market is flooded with various anti-cellulite creams and lotions. There are also many different kinds of cosmetic procedures that help remove most of the cellulite. But if you’re opting for a more natural way of getting rid of most of the cottage-cheese like appearance on your body, you can always follow a detox diet.

A detox session is not just good for getting rid of the fats responsible for the formation of cellulite. It’s actually good for your whole body. It cleanses your whole system of the toxins that can make you sick and lethargic. At the end of your detoxifying session, not only is there a possibility that the appearance of cellulite be minimized, you will also feel like a new person with more energy and stamina.

The detox diet for minimizing or preventing cellulite isn’t different from any other normal detox session. Most detox procedures ask you to minimize or completely remove fat from your diet. Look for low-fat alternatives. For the duration of the detox diet, refrain from eating meat and fish. Add lots of fruit into your diet such as apples and grapes. Fruits high in anti-oxidants would definitely be helpful. Avoid sugar and salt as much as possible. If you need flavor, there are herb blends that can be substituted for salt.

fiber-diet-for-celluliteMake it a point to add a lot of fiber into your diet. Fiber helps lower fat and cholesterol levels in your body. Not only have that, a high fiber dieted also helps control your appetite, making you feel fuller longer. Fiber can also help you lose weight.

Liquids are an important part of your detox session. Drink at least two liters of water everyday as this helps flush out the toxins from your body. Have a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon when you get up in the morning. This concoction stimulates your liver and helps in the toxin flush. Other liver tonics that you might want to try are barberry and dandelion teas. Avoid having coffee, liquor or anything else that contains caffeine and alcohol. If you want to have fruit juice, make sure that you get the organic ones when buying from the store as this is sure to have no sugar added. A much better alternative is to just make your own. Nothing beats a freshly squeezed glass of fruit juice! It also assures you that it really won’t have any sugar added. Instead of cow’s milk, substitute it with goat’s milk.

Remember, the detox diet will only help minimize the cellulite but it can never completely rid you of it. Still, there is no harm in going through a detox session and it will definitely make you healthier after you’re done!

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