Is it Possible to Get Rid of Cellulite Without Creams, Surgery, Drugs or Dieting?

April 27, 2014

cellulite-diagramCellulite isn’t just for old people. If you’ve tried anti-cellulite creams, cellulite exercises, cellulite diets and perhaps even some more drastic cellulite reduction strategies like mesotherapy, you already know that cellulite can begin as young as 16 years of age, and affects more than 80% of adult females.

While you may hate your cellulite and desperately want to get rid of it, you also have bills to pay and a life to live. What you really want are things you can do at home that don’t cost a lot of money and actually make a difference in the way you look and feel, and in reducing cellulite’s unattractive appearance.

Luckily, you don’t have to empty your wallet to get rid of your stubborn cellulite, known medically as localized lipodystrophy. There are lots of at-home cellulite remedies to dissolve those ugly pockets of fat and restore the natural smoothness and beauty of your skin, so you can enjoy looking and feeling good without invasive procedures or uber-expensive potions.

cellulite-massage-kitNatural Cellulite Skin Care

Skin care is so important for getting rid of cellulite. Cleanse your skin with a washcloth or loofah, which helps to massage the area of cellulite. Use a circular motion and then a brushing motion, always going towards the heart to improve circulation and force toxins and metabolic waste out of your fluid-bloated tissues.

The Cellulite Body Wrap

Both professional and homemade cellulite body wraps are available, designed to improve the appearance of cellulite using a combination of minerals and herbs to stimulate fat cells to release the fat, absorb toxins and reduce swelling. Some wraps can be worn during the day and others are worn while sleeping. Using a cellulite wrap incorrectly could lead to dangerous loss of body fluids, so be sure to follow directions very carefully. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this treatment at home, leave it to the professionals. But beware of so-called ‘miracle’ wraps that only appear to cause weight loss or cellulite reduction because you sweat so intensely.

Diet & Exercise

exercise-for-celluliteCellulite diets and cellulite exercises are important for a leaner, more toned body and smoother skin. Cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming or aerobics, combined with and strength training, like weight lifting and machines, are most effective. Customizing your exercise program to target the worst areas of cellulite is a good idea; you may want to enlist the help of a personal trainer for the first few sessions to help you get on track.

Diets that reduce body fat are essential to reducing cellulite. The best anti-cellulite diets are high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and low in processed foods, saturated fats and trans fatty acids.

Anti-Cellulite Diet Tips

Grill foods instead of frying them.
Drink lots of fresh water
Avoid sweets
Drink herbal teas instead of coffee
Stop drinking soda
A Word About Cellulite and Coffee

While anti-cellulite diets suggest nixing coffee drinking, it doesn’t mean you have to throw your coffee away. There’s another excellent use for it. Some cellulite reduction experts recommend using caffeinated coffee grounds as an effective exfoliating scrub. The caffeine absorbs into the skin, stimulating the fat cells to release built-up fluid.

coffeeThe Coffee Wrap has also proven effective for some. Apply warm coffee grounds to the area of cellulite, then wrap with plastic wrap and allow the grounds to sit for 10 minutes. Rinse the grounds in a warm shower.

Another option is to mix the coffee grounds with hand cream and massage into the area for about sixty seconds. Again, rinse the grounds from your skin with a warm shower.

Anti-Cellulite Pantyhose?

Did you know that wearing pantyhose can reduce cellulite? It’s true. Body shaping pantyhose presses the fat and aids in circulation. There are brands of pantyhose made just for cellulite reduction.

Other Natural Cellulite Elimination Methods That Work

Cellulite Treatment Creams

Look out for creams that contain natural ingredients they have been proven to workand help to break up cellulite and even eliminate it permanently. Within weeks to months, anti-cellulite creams can make a big difference for many cellulite sufferers.

Lymphatic Massage

professional-cellulite-massageLymphatic massage is often performed by a specialist, but with the right know-how it can be done effectively at home too.

Lymphatic massage is not like an ordinary massage. Lymphatic massage combines intense massaging pressure to the cellulite area to promote increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage, both factors playing an important role in cellulite creation and removal. You may be a bit bruised after a lymphatic massage session, but the results are well worth it.

Stop Procrastinating!

If you’re spending time feeling unworthy as you skim through the latest fashion magazines filled with ultra-skinny models wearing the latest fashions, stop right now. Put away the magazines and pick up your dumbbells. Recreate a healthier diet. Stock your fridge with plenty of cool water. Enlist the help of a friend and have fun trying the natural cellulite treatments described here. You can do this! But you’ve got to make a plan and stick with it.

It’s going to take patience, sweat equity, a little pain and a few bucks, but you can conquer your cellulite and boost your self-confidence.